Project Ready

Today we arrive in Mesoamerica for the start of our collaborative field efforts at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Quirigua in the Department of Izabal, Guatemala.  Utilizing the latest technologies in 3D reality capture, we will be documenting the corpus of carved monuments, landscape, and architectural details.

The Quirigua 3D Project

The Quiriguá 3D Project is being undertaken in conjunction with Quiriguá Park administrators and officials, the Institute of Anthropology and History (Instituto de Antropología e Historia), and with Ministry officials, and will record stela and carvings as well as terrain and site landscape details. This project will become a vital and actionable tool for asset management, planning, preservation, and archival documentation purposes. Be sure to check out our 3D model of Quiriguá Stela K, now on our Sketchfab collection page, and stay tuned for more updates from the project:

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