No Rain Meets Hot!

March 19, 2019 post – No rain today, but a heat has definitely returned. Our team continued with the terrestrial laser scanning survey in the site Acropolis and southwest portion of the Great Plaza today. Our newest TLS bit of kit is the Leica RTC360 scanner- which is definitely giving us speed, agility, and accuracy capacity and is integrated with an iPAD interface that allows for visualization of the data in real time – an added bonus when doing public archaeology and sharing results with visiting collaborators.

Today, our friend and in-country collaborator Felipe Guzmán returns, and brings Carlos Toriello Herrerías with the Fundación Herencia Cultural Guatemalteca. Carlos is assisting with drone use coordination and has been instrumental in providing support and guidance for the project from its inception.

Drone imagery from survey of the Acropolis area

Carved glyphs at Quirigua

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